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Global Polytechnic, since 2001

Congratulations on your admission to The Global Polytechnic, Obe, Benin City. The establishment of the polytechnic is essentially rooted out of a passion for business and technical education, which is the bedrock for social, economic and technical development of any society. The Global Polytechnic is a community of experienced and dedicated staff who work tirelessly to position the school as one of the leading technical institutions in Africa.
Our state of the art equipment and small faculty: student ratio ensure our graduates acquire both the theoretical and practical knowledge to be key players in the fields of engineering, business and computer sciences. I congratulate you once again and wish you a successful and exciting academic and social life at the global poly. Remember you are now one of the great ambassadors of this great institution. It is my desire that you play your part as a law abiding students of the school and the society in general while you avail yourself of the opportunities provided by the school to make you a leader in your choosing fields.
Welcome to The Global Polytechnic Community!
Dr. N.B. Awodu

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The Global Polytechnic Benin City, Nigeria
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Campus Safety

COVID-19 information and updates

All students and staff must wear masks, and not face shields, when in school and on campus. Only those who have special needs or medical conditions are exempted from the mask-wearing requirement. Face shields should not be used as a substitute for mask wear, except for medical reasons. Handwashing is one of the best ways to protect yourself and your friends from getting sick. Handwashing with sanitizer is mandatory on entering campus.

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Information to prospective students

The Global Polytechnic, Benin is a private tertiary institution established with a passion for excellence and innovative enterprise. The faculty comprises of seasoned academics with track records in polytechnic education. With the lecturer student ratio of 1:15, students are assured of quality hands on exposure in our ultra modern and computer laboratories.

  • Religious Worship

    Religious worship and programmes are allowed in the campus but must be done in line with the rules and regulations of the institution. No form of confraternity event is allowed.

  • Students Week

    The students forum and programmes week also known as SFP Week are allowed within the context of approved rules/regulations to ensure order and peace on the campus.

Featured Programme

Foundation Diploma

The Global Polytechnic Foundation Diploma offers the follow course: Electrical/Electronics Engineering Computer Engineering Technology, Computer Science, Statistic/Computer, Public Administration, Business Administration and Management.

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